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A Story About Sorrow and Joy

This is a part from my amateur science-fiction book called The Quartet of Xavier.

Advantages of SERP Data in Ensemble Learning

This week we will discuss how to combine multiple binary classification algorithms of the same kind, CNN in our case, to create a rudimentary ensemble learning model, and the advantages...

Automatic Data Collection For Machine Learning Models

This week we will discuss how to get automatic data capture of training, and testing processes for machine learning models, and make an automation script for gathering information on the...

Automatic Images Classifier Generator

Finally, the machine learning tool is open-sourced at serpapi/automatic-images-classifier-generator. Feel free to use, contribute, and have fun.

Machine Learning Testing

This week we will do the final step necessary to release the source code to the public, unit testing machine learning tool.

Meta Learning

Meta-learning is using the meta-data of previously acquired and categorized learning processes to tackle new learning tasks not encountered before by the machine learning algorithm. A meta-learning task is learning...